Congratulations to WPMA Suzuki students who have completed 100 Day Practice Challenge! These students all got to participate a special celebration, receive certificates and trophies for their accomplishment! Also thanks to our wonderful teachers, Ms. Virginia and Mrs. Patricia for their great teaching! – with Virginia Sloan, Patricia Stone! 2.10.2019


Congratulations to the following WPMA students for winning a chair in 2018-2019 of the following youth orchestras!

Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra (ASYO)
Violin: Kirsten Lee, Nina Youn, Kevin Chen, Eileen Liu, Kelly Jeong, Jinsol Shin, Ellie Park
Viola: John Cho (principal), Kaci Xie (principal), Jason Seo
Emory Symphony Youth Orchestra (EYSO)
Violin: Bryan Chong, KangHee Jin, Jenny Heo
Viola: Nicholas Chang
Cello: Evan Nicholson (2nd chair), Adam Wang (3rd chair)

Emory Junior Chamber Orchestra (EJCO)
Violin: Katherine Chong, Jihwan Shin

Emory Youth Chamber Music Program with Vega Quartet (EYCP)
Violin: Abigail Stone, Angelina Lu
Cello: Nathaniel Stone, Emma Surbrook, Roy Lee

Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra (GYSO)
Cello: Maya Takeda, 1st chair

Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra – Philharmonic (GYSO Philharmonic)
Cello: Hitanshu Jani

Gwinnett County Youth Orchestra:
Violin: Olivia Cei, Pearl Li
Cello: Roy Lee

Fulton County Youth Orchestra:
Cello: Kai Lee, Catherine Chang, Jeffrey Zhang

Beethoven Orchestra:
Mahalia Mason, 2nd chair

Since 1964, Georgia GHP (Governor’s Honor Program) is the most desirable summer educational program among all the 10th & 11th grade high school students in Georgia. It is a four-week long summer program designed to provide the intellectually gifted and artistically talented high school students challenging and enriching educational opportunities not usually available during the regular school year. Best of all, it’s FREE!

Thousands of nominated students went through at least two rounds of audition and interview before being selected. Its a real HONOR!

Congratulations to record of Eight WPMA students are selected by 2018 GHP! They are:

  • Serena Gao (violin from Lambert HS)
  • Nina Youn (violin from Mill Creek HS)
  • Kaci Xie (viola from Alpharetta HS)
  • John Cho (viola from Mill Creek HS)
  • Alicia Shin (cello from North Gwinnett HS)
  • William Kim (cello)
  • Adam Wang (math from Alpharetta HS)
  • Emma Menardi (social study)

Congratulations to the following 41 WPMA students who won 2018 GMEA All-State Orchestra positions! Bravo!

Middle School Orchestra – Terry Shade, Conductor
1stViolin:  Ellie Park (Concertmaster), Katherine Chong
2ndViolin:  Clara Wang
Viola:  Jason Seo (2ndChair)
Cello:  Cal Walrath

Middle School Orchestra – Sarah Angeles, Conductor
1stViolin:  Daniel Ng, Charles Kim
2ndViolin:  William Zhang (3rdChair), Cynthia Ruan, SaiAnirudh Vedartham, Kate “Sunny” Kim
Viola:  Nicholas Chang (3rdChair)
Cello:  Matthew Kim (Principal), Alexander Lee (2ndChair), Noel Park

9/10 Full Orchestra – Jay Dean, Conductor
1stViolin:  Zhimei Xu, Jinsol Shin, Kevin Chen, Zoe Gotlin
2ndViolin:  Jenny Heo (2ndChair), Eillen Liu, Bryan Chong, Ethan Sunghyun Kim

9/10 String Orchestra – Jeremy Woolstenhulme, Conductor
1stViolin:  Rebecca Ho
2ndViolin  Justin Kim
Viola:  John Cho (Principal), Kaci Xie (3rdChair)
Cello:  Alicia Shin (2ndChair), Evan Nicholson (4thChair)

11/12 Full Orchestra – Dean Angeles, Conductor
1stViolin: Serena Gao (3rdChair), Rebekah Jane McCallum, Nina Youn, Sarah Chen
Viola: Susan Yi

11/12 String Orchestra – Dr. Nove Deypalan, Conductor
1stViolin:  Brian Kang
2ndViolin:  Yueci (Grace) Chen
Cello:  Jennifer Ahn, Adam Wang
Bass:  Alex Pu (2ndChair)

Middle School Violin: Darsha Krishnamurthi
11/12 Violin: Derek Wang

Big Congratulations to WPMA students Grace Chen, Kevin Kim, QiRu Lin, Alex Pu, and David Wen as finalists and Nina Youn as an alternate for the 2017 (Governor’s Honors Program) GHP! The Georgia Governor’s Honors Program (GHP) is a residential summer program for talented high school students who will be rising juniors and seniors during the program. The program is designed to provide students with academic, cultural, and social enrichment necessary to become the next generation of global critical thinkers, innovators, and leaders. The Governor’s Honors Program is extremely competitive and more than 1,600 nominees participated in the 2017 state-level interview event. GHP is held in mid-summer (mid-June to mid-July) as a residential educational experience at Berry College.

Congratulations to the following 48 WPMA students for winning positions in the 2017 GMEA (Georgia Music Educator Association) All State Orchestra audition!

All-State Middle School Orchestras
1st Violin: Bryan Chong, Zoe Gotlin, Daniel Lee, Ethan Kim, Terry Ma, Ellie Park
2nd Violin: Ori Kang, Daniel Ng, Justin Kim, William Zhang, Madison Park, Danielle Najarian, Katherine Chong
Viola: Jason Seo
Cello: Evan Nicholson, Alexander Lee, Emma Surbrook

9 /10 Grade Full Orchestra
!st Violin: Elieen Liu:
2nd Violin: Angela Cheng
Cello: Adam Wang, Christine Jeong, Alicia Shin

9 /10 Grade String Orchestra
1st Violin: Nina Youn, Jenny Heo, Zhimei Xu
2nd Violin: Serena Gao (Principal), Derek Wang
Cello: Max Lou, William Kim, Ariel Najarian, Jun-ha Jung

11 /12 Grade Full Orchestra
1st Violin: Sarah Chen, Brian Kang, Irene Chen
2nd Violin: Amy Zhang (Principal), Kelvin Kim, Yueci Chen, Samuel Surbrook, David Wen
Viola: Susan Yi
Cello: Joe Billips, Jennifer
Bass: Alex Pu

11 / 12 Grade String Orchestra
1st Violin: Kyle Qian (Concert Master), Mashu Takeda
2nd Violin: Minjoo Kim (Principal), Serena Song, Julia Surbrook

Congratulations to WPMA student Grace Chen to being selected as a member of the prestigious 2017 Honor Orchestra of America!Members of the applied music faculty from some of our country’s leading universities evaluated the recordings. We are very proud of Grace’s accomplishments! Jeffrey Grogan, Education and Community Engagement Conductor of New Jersey Symphony Orchestra; Conductor and Artistic Director of the Greater Newark Youth Orchestras, the InterSchool Orchestras of New York, and the New Jersey Youth Symphony, will be the Conductor.

WPMA students winning 2016-2017 youth orchestra positions!
Congratulations to the following WPMA students for winning a chair in the 2016-2017 Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra (ASYO), Emory Youth Symphony Orchestra (EYSO), Emory Junior Chamber Orchestra (EJCO),Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra (GYSO), Gwinnett County Youth Symphony (GCYS), Gwinnett County Youth Symphony (GCYS) and Fulton County Youth Orchestra (FCYO). Bravo everyone!

Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra (ASYO):
Violin: Monica Chang, Grace Chen, Sarah Chen (Assistant Concertmaster), Angela Cheng, Serena Gao, Ori Kang, Kyle Qian (Assistant Concertmaster), Mashu Takeda, Samuel Surbrook, Nina Youn

Violin Alternate: David Wen
Cello: Joe Billips
Bass: Alex Pu

Emory Youth Symphony Orchestra (EYSO):
Violin: Brian Kang, Kevin Kim, Serena Song, Amy Zhang (Associate Concertmaster)
Cello: Max Lou, Adam Wang

Emory Junior Chamber Orchestra (EJCO):
Violin: Susie Choi, Bryan Chong, Katie Chong, Zoe Gotlin, Prahalad Gururajan, Ori Kang, Zach Tseng, William Zhang
Cello: Evan Nicolson

Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra (GYSO):
Violin: Danielle Najarian (Concertmaster)
Cello: Ariel Najarian (Assistant Principal)

Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra (GYSO) – Camerata
Violin: Oscar Ding

Gwinnett County Youth Symphony (GCYS):
Violin: Eunice Chon, Ori Kang, Ellie Park

Gwinnett County Youth Symphony (GCYS) – Kendal Honor Orchestra:
Viola: Mira Kang

Fulton County Youth Orchestra (FCYO):
Violin: Pooja Nagamaha, Anna Stubbs, Violet Newhart (Principal 2nd)
Viola: Jason Seo (Principal)

WPMA Students win 2016 GMTA Competition!
Congratulations to 13 WPMA students who won total of 19 awards at 2016 GMTA (Georgia Music Teach Association) Competition!!!

2-3 grade: Mahalia Manson (cello) Honorable Mention
4-5 grade: Katie Chong (violin) Award of Excellence
6-7 grade: Evan Nicholson (cello) Conference Recitalist
Zach Tseng (violin) 2nd Alternate
Emma Surbrook (cello) Honorable Mention
Zach Surbrook (cello) Honorable Mention
Eunice Chon (violin) Honorable Mention

8-9 grade: Maximilian Lou (cello) 1st Alternate
Serena Gao (violin) Honorable Mention
Adam Wang (cello) Honorable Mention

10-11 grade: Kyle Qian (violin) Honorable Mention
Sarah Chen (violin) Honorable Mention

Instrument Concerto Competition:
Maximilian Lou (cello) 2nd Alternate
Amy Park (cello) Outstanding Performer
Evan Nicholson (cello) Award of Excellence

Serena Gao (violin) Award of Excellence
Adam Wang (cello) Award of Excellence
Kyle Qian (violin) Honorable Mention
Zach Tseng (violin) Honorable Mention

40 WPMA Students Won Positions in the 2016 All State Orchestra!
Congratulations to ALL the WPMA students and their teachers for their outstanding job in the 2016 GMEA (Georgia Music Educator Association) All State Orchestra audition!

The level of this year’s competition was very high, there were about 950 students selected for the final round of the All State Orchestra audition. Many of you won positions in the All State Orchestra for the first time and some of you who did not make it previously made it this year! I know the students who did not make All State this time had also practiced incredibly hard. For students who did not make it into All State this year, do not give up and keep practicing hard for your next audition. Believe in yourself!

Here’s the list of WPMA students who won positions in the 2016 GMEA All State Orchestras.
All State Middle School Orchestra
1st Violin: Zach Tseng (Concertmaster), Daniel Lee, Larrisa Chen, Jenny Heo, Ethan Sunghyun Kim, Yoonseo Kwon, Bradley Dai, Eunice Chon, Bryan Chong
2nd Violin: Eileen Liu, Danielle Najarian, Alex Bae, William Zhang, Ori Hye Kang
Viola: Nina Nagarajan
Cello: Evan Nicholson (Principal), Max Lou

All State 9th & 10th Grade Full Orchestra
1st Violin: Serena Gao, Monica Chang, Sarah Chen
2nd Violin: Yueci Chen, Nina Youn, Hsin Ling Chen, Brian Kang, Angela Cheng
Cello: Adam Wang, Amy Park

All State 9th & 10th Grade String Orchestra
1st Violin: Samuel Surbrook, David Wen
2nd Violin: Minjoo Kim
Cello: William Kim (Principal)
Bass: Alex Pu

All State 11th & 12th Grade Full Orchestra
1st Violin: Lesley Chang, Amy Zhang, Kyle Qian, Annie Su, George Pan, Aomeng Cui
2nd Violin: Tricia Dang, Jake Wong

All State Alternates List
Violin: Allen Pan, Derek Wang, Raymond Jiang
Cello: Joe Billips

2015-16 WPMA Youth Orchestra Winners!
Huge congratulations to the following WPMA students for winning positions in ASYO, EYSO, EYCP, EJCO, GYSO Symphony Orchestra, GYSO Philharmonic Orchestra, MYSO, MYSO – Philharmonia, GCYS, GPYO and FCYO! We are very proud of each student’s achievement!

Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra (ASYO)
1st Violin: Lesley Chang, Grace Chen, Aomeng Cui, George Pan, Kyle Qian
2nd Violin: Sarah Chen, Serena Gao, Annie Su, Samuel Surbrook
Cello: Joe Billips

Emory Youth Chamber Music Program with Vega String Quartet (EYCP)
Violin: Lesley Chang, Monica Chang, Julia Surbrook, Nina Youn
Viola: Erika Clift
Cello: Amy Park, Emma Surbrook

Emory Youth Symphony Orchestra (EYSO)
Violin: Tricia Dang, Brian Kang, Jake Wong

Emory Junior Chamber Orchestra (EJCO)
Violin: Zach Tseng, Ori Kang
Viola: Thomas Kim
Cello: Evan Nicholson

GYSO Symphony Orchestra
Concertmaster: George Pan
Cello: Ariel Najarian

GYSO Philharmonic Orchestra
Concertmaster: Danielle Najarian
Violin: Ethan Kim

Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO)
Violin: Eunice Chon, Jenny Heo, Raunak Kumar, Rebekah Shin, Roy Wang, Bradley Hu (Middle School)
Cello: Zachary Surbrook

Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra – Philharmonia (MYSO – Philharmonia)
Violin: Prahalad Gururaja

Gwinnett County Youth Orchestra (GCYS)
Violin: Jesse Chen, Eunice Chon, Nina Youn

Georgia Piedmont Youth Symphony (GPYO)
Violin: Roy Wang

Fulton County Youth Orchestra (FCYO)
Violin: Aidan Hong, William Zhang
Cello: Anna Hong

WPMA Students Won Positions in GMEA All State Orchestra 2015 & ASYO Auditions!
Congratulations to the following WPMA students who won the positions in GMEA All State Orchestra 2015 and Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra (ASYO) auditions! Job Well Done!

GMEA All State Orchestra 2015:
11-12 High School Orchestra 1:
1st Violin: Justin Lee, Joshua Shue, Andrew Zou, George Pan, Aomeng Cui
2nd Violin: Rachael Tao, Lingyi Xin, Tony Gong, Tricia Dang

11-12 High School Orchestra 2:
1st Violin: Jake Wong, Joseph Pang, Annie Su
2nd Violin: Lesley Chang, Sherry Guo

9-10 High School Orchestra 1:
1st Violin: Yueci Chen, Andrew Peng, Monica Chang, Minjoo Kim
2nd Violin: Kyle Qian, Amy Zhang

9-10 High School Orchestra 2:
Concertmaster: Sarah Chen

Middle Orchestra 1:
2nd Violin: Daniel Lee
Cello: Tannessa Dang
Alternate Violin: Michelle Pang

Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra (ASYO):
Violin: Monica Chang, Lesley Chang, Sarah Chen, Aomeng Cui, Serena Gao, Justin Lee, Connie Li, Joseph Pang, Kyle Qin, Joshua Shue, Annie Su
Alternate Violin: Jake Wong, Lingyi Xin, Andrew Zou

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