See What Students and Parents Say About William Pu and Our Music School

“After our first test lesson, it was obvious that Mr. Pu was the perfect fit; he’s an outstanding violinist/musician and an amazing teacher/mentor.”

Mrs. Mizuno, a parent

“Mr. Pu goes above and beyond in his teaching by helping students gain a deeper understanding of the music and its underlying emotions.”

Serena Gao, a high school freshman

“William Pu is a one-of-a-kind teacher with a message that will stay with his students forever. Through his teachings, I found a voice and a purpose.”

Alice Hong, Master of Music student at Rice University

“The William Pu Music Academy is a fine institution with teachers like Mr. Pu who really care about the musical education and experience for their students. My daughter has been learning with Mr. Pu for about 6 years now. She knows that if she ever has any questions, she can ask Mr. Pu. We really appreciate Mr. Pu did everything for my daughter.”

Mrs. Liu, a parent

“Both my sons are learning violin at William Pu Music Academy. My elder son (age 11) has private lessons with Mr. Pu and my younger one (age 8) has private and group lessons with Ms. Virginia (Suzuki method). Both boys made great progress since they started about 8 months ago. The faculty at William Pu Music Academy are great musicians, and they are very patient with the kids. The monthly recital and master class not only give kids more performance and learning opportunities but also provide parents a discussion forum. The facility is very nice and clean, definitely better than all the home studios I have seen. I highly recommend this school!”

Mrs. Ou, a parent

“Our fifteen-year-old daughter started taking violin lessons from Mr. Pu last year after taking lessons from her previous teacher for 9 years. She really loved working with her previous teacher, and we wanted to find the perfect person to be her new teacher. Several people (including her previous teacher) recommended Mr. Pu. After our first test lesson, it became obvious that Mr. Pu was the perfect fit; he is both an outstanding violinist/musician and an amazing teacher/mentor. He has inexhaustible knowledge in violin playing and suggests innovative ways to practice during each and every lesson. He is warm, positive, and caring, yet firm and demanding with high expectations. Thanks to his teaching, our daughter’s sound has improved dramatically during this past year; her sound is so much stronger and is starting to have many new colors. His school offers many great opportunities including performances and master classes with Atlanta’s most distinguished musicians. It is also inspiring to our daughter that he has many other strong violin students with whom she will have the opportunity to interact this summer at his violin boot camp! We live far from his school but the commute is definitely worthwhile. We look forward to another productive school year to come!”

Mrs. Mizuno, a parent

“My daughter has been taking violin lesson with Mr. William Pu for three years. Mr. Pu is an enthusiastic, talented musician with extraordinary teaching experience. His dedication to teaching is superb as shown through his classes and even I can tell the significant improvement in my daughter’s violin performance. When she started studying with him, we were unsure if she could make it into the All State Orchestra. After only a few weeks under Mr. Pu’s direction, she knew exactly how to perform the excerpts expressively while using the correct technique. His focus on technical elements improved her playing immensely in a very short amount of time because she wasn’t straining as hard to achieve good intonation and sound. He has also always encouraged and challenged her to learn the nuances of each piece. These are some of the things my daughter will always cherish. I highly recommend Mr. Pu to any one who’s interested in learning violin.”

Mrs. Cui, a parent

“My daughter participated in a summer chamber music program last summer. Her experience was great with professional, experienced instructors and coaches. She was challenged yet had fun learning and performing with other young musicians among her age. Exciting thing was that she performed with one of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra musicians for the concert at the end of the program. I highly recommend the program.”

Mrs. Kawamura, a parent

“My daughter has been learning from Mr. Pu for 4 years now, and she absolutely adores his lessons, his teaching, and him as a person. Mr. Pu has not only improved my daughter’s playing and technique, but also taught her to be a hardworking and passionate person. During his lessons, he is a persistent teacher and his passion can be seen through his school, William Pu Music Academy. WPMA provides a quality music education that is very hard to find elsewhere; therefore, I would definitely recommend William Pu Music Academy to anyone who loves music and is willing to learn an instrument!”

Mrs. Liang, a parent

“My name is Serena Gao, and I have been learning violin with Mr. Pu for one and a half years. Mr. Pu is truly a great teacher. First of all he has a very effective teaching style. Mr. Pu can always find simple analogies to help me grasp complex subjects and techniques. Mr. Pu tailors is teaching to each individual student by focusing on my own weaknesses. Also, he devises clever tricks for students to practice so they can solve technical problems. Secondly, I feel that Mr. Pu always tries his best to help his students. When there’s something wrong with my playing, he immediately notices it and tells me how to fix the problem, often by demonstration. This instant feedback helps me tremendously when I am learning a new piece of music. In addition, Mr. Pu goes above and beyond in his teaching by helping students gain a deeper understanding of the music and its underlying emotions. I found it was easier to apply the appropriate techniques once I understood the story that music was telling. Finally, Mr. Pu must have been born with a positive attitude towards teaching. He takes his students seriously, believing us in our abilities, and challenges us to continue improving ourselves. He sets high expectations, but never turns those expectations into burden on us. He just knows how to bring out a student’s potential. And perhaps his best virtue is his ability to remain calm, even when I keep making the same mistake over and over again. Learning to play violin is a fun yet frustrating experience. I feel so fortunate to have Mr. Pu lead me to the next stage.”

Serena Gao, a high school freshman

“I study with Mr. Pu at the WP Music Academy. Mr. Pu has pushed my limits in violin performance and inspired me to perform at my full potential. Through the academy, I have honed in on technical details and improved on my overall musicality. My violin playing has been challenged, engaged, and pushed to my limits, and I have surprised myself with how much I have improved. Overall, I have become a more confident musician, able to express myself through my instrument comfortably and proficiently.”

Justin Lee, a senior at North View High School

“William Pu is a one-of-a-kind teacher with a message that will stay with his students forever. I remember my first lesson with him the summer I came back from arts boarding school. I had planned to return the next year and had paid my deposit, but after that one hour, I decided to stay home and study with him. Though I came to him as an untrained, undisciplined, and insecure player, he built me up in record time to be able to pursue studying music in college. During all four years at the Cleveland Institute of Music, I could always give him a call and ask for sound advice when I needed it. Through his teachings, I found a voice and a purpose to play music, so that no matter what I was experiencing – stress, anxiety, or just burnt out – I always had a reason to keep pushing. With his colorful words, beautiful demonstrations on his instrument, and long discussions about why we play music, he has the ability to find what is special about all of his students. They will become happy and successful musicians.”

Alice Hong, a Master of Music student at Rice University / received Bachelor of Music from Cleveland Institute of Music music school.

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