Elisa Street


Elisa L. Street is an accomplished musician with exemplary training and experience. She started playing Suzuki violin at age 5 and has studied with Jean Dexter of Music/Arts Institute, Ellenor Allen, Penny Thompson-Kruse, and Anastasia Jempelis of the famed Julliard School of Music.

Mrs. Street began teaching violin at Music/Arts Institute in 1989.  Mrs. Street holds degrees from William Jewell College in Music Performance and Business Administration. During this time she was able to intern with the marketing department of  The Kansas City Symphony. In 1993 she taught and served as Director of the Suzuki Program at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, and was Faculty Chair of their Continuing Education Department. Mrs. Street is Suzuki certified through Level VIII and was a member of both the Heart of America Suzuki Teachers Association (HASTA) and Suzuki of the Americas Association (SAA). She established Sunflower Suzuki Academy in 1998 and taught in the Kansas City area for eighteen years.  While teaching at UMKC she also received training through Kansas University for Autism/Spectrum Disorders.  She used this learning to not only provide special need children with the opportunity to play music but to also aid families to mainstreaming their children into school rooms.

Mrs. Street has Home Schooled all three of her children for the past 15 years. She started playing violin with the Liberty Symphony, Dr. Phillip Posey, at age 13 and played throughout high school and college with St. Joseph Symphony, Dr. Claire Hillard, and Kansas City Civic Orchestra, Dr. Christopher Kelts.  Mrs. Street recently relocated in the North Georgia area and wants to nurture parents and children give the opportunity to love music and life.


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