William Fowler


Conductor and Pianist William Fowler studied piano performance and orchestral conducting at Georgia State University. There he performed regularly as a pianist with the school’s Choirs, Wind Ensemble, and Orchestra, before getting involved in conducting and becoming the assistant conductor of the University orchestra. He gave his conducting debut on a concert with guest artist Pepe Romero, conducting Rimsky-Korsakov’s Capriccio Espagnol.

As a pianist he has performed with chamber groups and as a soloist in Europe and the United States at different music festivals, including ones in Munich, Germany; Bolzano, Italy; Thessaloniki, Greece; Kutztown, Pennsylvania; and New York. He has also worked extensively as a vocal coach both at home in Atlanta, and at the Three Bridges International Music Festival in Duluth, Minnesota, and La Musica Lirica in Novafeltria, Italy. He was invited twice to Renmin University in Beijing, China, to represent the Georgia State University School of Music and give a performance with several other students and faculty.

Together with pianist Grace Meng Tian he founded the Sino-American Music Association, which organized ten concerts and master classes on Classical and Chinese music in its first year, both in the United States and in China, as well as arranging traditional Chinese works for western chamber groups, and translating music texts between Chinese and English.

Mr. Fowler currently serves as assistant conductor of the Atlanta Musicians’ Orchestra. He also works as a staff pianist at Peachtree Road United Methodist Church. He has been teaching piano in the Atlanta area for over 5 years. Mr. Fowler is the instructor for William Pu Music Academy music theory class.


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