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Group Lesson

The William Pu Music Academy Group Lesson is conducted by the childhood education specialists, Wei Lin (violin) and Clark Carruth, (violin & viola).  Emphasis is on playing from a young age, typically starting formal instruction from as young as 6 years old. Students receive one hour of  group class each week.

Students receive one hour of group class each week.

The Group Lesson will be led by Wei Lin. During the lesson, Mrs. Line will use elements of the Lin Yao-Ji Teaching Method to help students develop a solid foundation for playing violin.

The Group Lesson activities and curriculum are based upon the pedagogical philosophy and instruction methods of renowned Chinese violin professor Lin Yao Ji. Prof. Lin trained more than two generations of the best violinists in China, and a summary of his fascinating career can be found here.

The core principles of Lin Yao Ji’s unique teaching method include:

  1. Cultivating an interest in music
  2. Learning to observe nature with music
  3. Establishing a scientific way to practice
  4. Exploring the close relationships between the violin, nature, and life
  5. Including parents as a crucial participant in their children’s violin studies

The group lessons develop a student’s personal understanding of violin playing and help students share their experiences with others in a fun and non-competitive environment.

Parents are expected to attend the group class with their children each week.

While this parental involvement is indirect, they can offer the praise and support which makes learning more productive. For more about Wei Lin, Clark Carruth, and other faculty members click here.

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