Music Theory Classes

Music Theory and Musicianship classes are available for all levels. Classes will teach essential musicianship skills such as ear training, solfege, and harmonic analysis. Students who learn these skills in class will save valuable lesson time, so their private instructor can focus on technique and learning new music.

Classes will introduce students to basic and advanced concepts in rhythm, melody, and harmony. Listening and writing skills will be developed, but listening skills are at the forefront of the curriculum. Classes are beneficial to anyone studying an instrument, including those who are preparing for exams (such as ABRSM, RCM or AP exams), are preparing for auditions, or are interested in composition.

The Music Theory Class is a small group class with only 3-4 students, offering 14 classes in each Fall and Spring semester on weekends. Class fee is $350 for 14 lessons. Mr. William Fowler, a pianist and a conductor who will be the instructor for the music theory class.


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