Sight-Reading Classes

Music teachers have a lot to teach their students in just a short time each week. A lesson is really best spent working on technique, musicality, and performance. Particularly with young students, teachers often find themselves spending a large portion of their lessons teaching basic musicianship, such as note-reading and rhythms.

Music Theory Class gives the young students the chance to learn all the musicianship skills they need in an efficient way. They can make the most of their time with their individual instructors, as well as dramatically increase the rate at which they sight-read, and therefore learn new music.

For more advanced students who are preparing for All-State or other youth orchestra auditions, sight-reading has been the most challenging part to achieve their goal. A lack of comprehensive training in music theory (i.e. counting and reading), is the reason that students struggle in this field. The Sight-Reading Class teaches these students not only the music theory knowledge but also the skills on improving their sight-reading. Mr. Young Kim, the instructor for this class, has more than 20 years of experience with All-State orchestra audition events. His unique approach towards the subject has helped many students overcome their fear of sight-reading. With All-State and other youth orchestra auditions, the faculty of the William Pu Music Academy strongly recommends students to use the Sight-Reading Class for improving their performance for any future auditions.

Sight-Reading Class:
Sight-Reading Class is a bi-weekly class which begins in each Fall and Spring semester from 9-9:50 a.m. on Saturdays. Class fee is $175 for 8 sessions, full payment is due on or before the first day of class.

Mr. Young Kim, a distinguished member of Georgia Music Educator Association (GMEA), has many years of teaching experience for the Governor Honors Program (GHP). He has served as a judge as well as a conductor of All-State orchestras.

Mr. Kim will focus on helping WPMA students improve their sight reading skills through innovative ideas and hands-on teaching methods. It is through this preparation process for those enrolled in the Sight-Reading Class that these students will gain confidence and improve their scores. WPMA is fortunate to have such a distinguished musician such as Mr. Kim on our staff.


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