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Music Lessons

The William Pu Music Academy offers conservatory-level instruction with prestigious faculty and provides an opportunity for our students to thrive musically as they aspire to reach their highest potential.

The William Pu Music Academy accepts registrations throughout the year for private lessons, Suzuki group lessons, music theory classes, and sight-reading classes. WPMA also now offers a new four 45-minute trial-lesson package that can allow parents of young students a chance to evaluate if music lessons are a good fit for their child.

Private Lessons

A One-on-One lesson is the single most important service that William Pu Music Academy provides to our students. These private lessons conducted by some of the best teachers in Atlanta are truly amazing! Our private lessons are taught with the utmost professionalism. Our faculty always seek to inspire and encourage each student. The William Pu Music Academy teachers don’t just teach the lessons, they embrace the entire process as a unique opportunity to develop a well-rounded student in all aspects of music. WPMA provides 30-minute (for under 7 years old), 45-minute and 60-minute music lessons on piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, oboe, clarinet, flute, bassoon, saxophone, mandolin, and  trumpet. Student is welcome to schedule a paid trial lesson with WPMA faculty. Please email us at to schedule a trial lesson.

Group Lesson

The Group Lesson will be led by Wei Lin. During the lesson, Mrs. Lin will use elements of the Lin Yao-Ji Teaching Method to help students develop a solid foundation for playing violin.

The Group Lesson activities and curriculum are based upon the pedagogical philosophy and instruction methods of renowned Chinese violin professor Lin Yao Ji. Prof. Lin trained more than two generations of the best violinists in China, and a summary of his fascinating career can be found here.
The core principles of Lin Yao Ji’s unique teaching method include:
  1. Cultivating an interest in music
  2. Learning to observe nature with music
  3. Establishing a scientific way to practice
  4. Exploring the close relationships between the violin, nature, and life
  5. Including parents as a crucial participant in their children’s violin studies


The group lessons develop a student’s personal understanding of violin playing and help students share their experiences with others in a fun and non-competitive environment.

Music Theory & Composition

Music Theory and Musicianship classes are available for all levels. Classes will teach essential musicianship skills such as ear training, solfege, and harmonic analysis. Students who learn these skills in class will save valuable lesson time, so their private instructor can focus on technique and learning new music.

Chamber Music

William Pu Music Academy offers a Chamber Music Program to middle and high school students. WPMA believes that chamber music is an essential pedagogical tool for all music students, along with solo and orchestra playing.

Atlanta Festival
Chamber Orchestra

The Atlanta Festival Chamber Orchestra offers string players the opportunity to explore the rich and challenging literature of the string orchestra repertoire.

Summer Camp

William Pu Music Academy’s sibling organization, the Atlanta Festival Academy, operates an annual summer music camp that brings together students and teachers from around the world to create a unique music performance and education experience in Atlanta, Georgia.