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Chamber Music

William Pu Music Academy offers a Chamber Music Program to middle and high school students. WPMA believes that chamber music is an essential pedagogical tool for all music students, along with solo and orchestra playing.

Chamber music not only teaches students how to deal with essential skills such as listening, matching, cueing, and balance but also requires students to develop clear, constructive, and supportive communication skills

Interested students are assigned a chamber music group with whom they will rehearse with on a regular basis. They are coached by a designated WPMA faculty member once a month for 90 minutes. The group performs at the end of the semester as well as for any other performance opportunities. Tuition for 5 sessions per semester is $250. Additional coaching charges may applied if extra lessons are needed.

The WPMA Tuna Quintet won the grand prize winner of the 2018 Franklin Pond Chamber Music Competition (high school division)

 Five members of the Tuna Quintet are Monica Chang (violin), John Cho (viola), Adam Wang (cello), Alex Pu (bass) and Carson Lee (piano). Two other WPMA students, Grace Peng (piano) and Cal Wrath (cello) won the middle school division 1st & 2nd prize respectively.
Individual applicants are required to complete a WPMA Chamber Music Registration Form and submit tuition to William Pu Music Academy. To begin fill out the registration form.

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WPMA raises the bar of music education, with excellent commitment and mission to help students to achieve their higher creative potential.