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William Pu Music Academy celebrates a wonderful set of successes achieved by its students at the 2022 Georgia Music Teachers Association Competition held on Friday, April 22 at Piedmont University!

18 WPMA students received awards for their performances, and six students won 1st prizes in 7 out 8 categories, including the Instrument Concerto Competition! Here are our winners:

  • Nan Jiang (Violin 2-3 grade)
  • Yier Zhang (Cello 4-5 grade)
  • Charlotte Jeong (Violin 6-7 grade)
  • Chloe Sun (Violin 8-9 grade)
  • Jason Seo (Viola 10-11 grade)
  • Hermès Holguin (Violin 12 grade)
  • Charlotte Jeong also won the Instrument Concerto Competition (6-11 grade) 


Strings Instrumental:
2-3 grade:
Nan Jiang (violin) – Outstanding Performer Conference Recitalist

4-5 grade:
Yier Zhang (cello) – Outstanding Performer Conference Recitalist
Olivia Wang (violin) – Award of Excellence

6-7 grade:
Charlotte Jeong (violin) – Outstanding Performer Conference Recitalist
Yining Zhang (violin) – OP2A – 2nd Alternate
Abby Kim (cello) – Award of Excellence
Ellie Kim (violin) – Honorable Mention

8-9 grade:
Chloe Sun (violin) – Outstanding Performer Conference Recitalist
Elijah Kim (cello) – Op1A – 1st Alternate
Ethan Lo (cello) – Honorable Mention

10-11 grade:
Jason Seo (viola) – Outstanding Performer Conference Recitalist
Brandon Lee (violin) – Outstanding Performer
Alex Ko (cello) – Award Excellence
Joshua Yejoon Kim (cello) – Award Excellence
Kristen Song (cello) – Honorable Mention
Joshua Nguyen (cello) – Honorable Mention

Senior Cash Award Strings:
Hermès Holguin (violin)

Instrumental Concerto:
Charlotte Jeong (violin) OPCR
Yining Zhang (violin) OP2A
Jason Seo (viola) OP
Ethan Lo (cello) OP
Joshua Nguyen (cello) AE
Alex Ko (cello) AE
Brandon Lee (violin) AE
Kristen Song (cello) HM
Joshua Yejoon Kim (cello) HM
Katherine Chong (violin) HM
Abby Kim (cello) HM
Chloe Sun (violin) HM

The Competition winners (Outstanding Performer Conference Recitalists) will perform solo at the 2022 GMTA State Conference Recital in November 2022.

Huge congratulations to everyone!


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